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Dong-A University

Dona-A University (Dona-A University) Mac-Net Member

A Place where technology and knowledge meet to define the future

Dong-A University with 67 years of proud history and tradition opened in 1946 based on the precepts of freedom, truth, and justice. It is a university that cultivates creative, proactive and sociable people, who have the ability to use their practical skills and knowledge, as well as globally transferable innovative capabilities based on H.A.V.E (Humanity, Ability, Vitality, and Excellence) to further human achievement and development.

Dona-A University (Dona-A University)

Dong-A University is contributing to regional development through competitive global innovation, it is fostering an ethos of better communication with its members and leads the future by pioneering change. Until Dong-A becomes the world's most prestigious university (Until Dong-A becomes one of the world's most prestigious universities), we will put forth every ounce of our strength backed with thorough preparation and bold initiatives to overcome these challenges. I would like to ask for your warm support and encouragement in our great endeavor.


  • Engineering
  • Natural Science
  • Port & Logistics System
  • Law/Social Science

Video & Photo

Dong-A University Dong-A University Promotion Video & Photo