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KSA (Shipowners' Association)

KSA (Korea Shipowners' Association) Mac-Net Member

Shipping industry, as a lifeline of National Economy, opens Korea's future

Since its establishment on June 20, 1960 until today, the Korea Shipowners' Association(KSA) has made an untiring effort to ensure the development of the Korean shipping as well as promoting the rights and interests of its members and boosting international shipping collaboration.

KSA (Korea Shipowners' Association)

Membership of the KSA gives access to unrivalled policy expertise, an extensive network of industry influencers and a voice in Government and beyond that can simply not be achieved by companies acting alone. We have a dedicated staff with an unparalleled breadth of specialist knowledge and access to Governments at the highest level. We support our members on legislation and regulation that affects their business.

With a growing membership of 199 member companies throughout the nation, made up of shipowners, professional organisations and service companies, we do not just seek to raise awareness of shipping; we work to create an understanding of it, ensuring that member companies' commercial objectives are at the heart of the government process.

Association (Shipping)

  • Facilitating shipping business for ship owners in Korea

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