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Ulsan Port Authority

Hub port of liquid logistics

Ulsan Port on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula prospered as the largest domestic trade port from the era of Silla (AD 6C) by exporting steel to Japan. Ulsan Port, formerly called Yoem Port, was opened early in Joseon Dynasty as one of three leading ports(Busan Port, Je Port, Yoem Port). In modern times, UIsan Port was the natural fishing port of heaven's blessing where whaling and fishing was flourishing. In this way, Ulsan Port has been a port for trade, fishing as well as naval port with a long history.

Ulsan Port Authority

Ulsan Port is a multi-purpose port handling various cargoes including liquid cargo, bulk cargo, automobile, container etc. Especially there are various berthing facilities including SBMs(Single Bouy Moorings) where 350,000 Tons of crude oil carriers can be moored, dolphins where 150,000 Tons of crude oil carriers can be moored and quays where 4,000 TEU vessel of containers can get alongside.

Ulsan Port has been one of the main driving forces of rapid economic growth by supporting petrochemical industry, automobile industry and nonferrous metals industry over the last 50 years. Now, Ulsan Port is taking a great step forward, shifting from the industry supporting port to the oil hub port of Northeast Asia.


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