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Pusan National University

PNU (Pusan National University) Mac-Net Member

The Era's Leading University

Pusan National University was founded in May 1946 with the establishment ideology of truth, liberty and devotion. As a representative national university in Korea, PNU has emerged as a world class university. Each member of PNU has contributed to producing an outstanding outcome through diverse specialization strategies and overcoming the difficulties within the university.

PNU (Pusan National University)

Currently, Pusan National University is doing its utmost to strengthen its research competitiveness and to specialize in each branch of study, with the goal of presenting a new model for a national university and creating a college that leads the development of the Southeast region of Korea and Northeast Asia through a specialized development strategy.

PNU marks its 70th anniversary in 2016. Its mission is to develop its competitiveness edge in education, to maximize its capacity in research, to make a commitment to the community in service and eventually contribute to the national development of Korea.


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