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Since foundation in 1971, when the Korean Ship-Building Industry was at its infant stage, SAMGONG CO.,LTD. had started as one of the very few pioneer companies in Marine Equipment manufacturing. Together with the rapid growth of the ship-building industries in Korea, SAMGONG thanks to its timely start, has grown to its fourth expanded present premises.


During the past thirty some years, SAMGONG has supplied successfully to over several thousands of ships of all nationalities sailing around the five seas. In order to return our gratitude to our dear customers at home and abroad, on behalf of all members of SAMGONG.  

Samgong-Mitsubishi SelfJector is the brand name for oil purifiers manufactured by Samgong Co., Ltd. under the manufacturing licence contract with Mitsubishi Kakoki, Ltd. of Japan.Samgong Co., Ltd. has been meeting the needs of customers to supply our oil purifier, backed up by the reliable technology of Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. With 60 some years history and sales record of more than 65,000 units since 1942.And now we introduce our latest model, "Genius (SJ-G) Serids".Please utilize this "Samgong-Mitsubishi Selfjector Genius Series" giving excellent purification performances on various types of oil such as power plants, not to mention the fuel oil for ships and lubricant oil.

Ship Equipment Manufacturing

  • Oil Purifier
  • Ladder & Reel
  • Ship Window
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Gnagway Tower & Jib Crane
  • QRH & DMIS System
  • Ballast Water Treatment System

Video & Photo

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