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Hanla IMS

Hanla IMS Co., Ltd.

Beyond Challenge, Tech & Management Innovation

Since starting business in the marine equipment industry in 1989, Hanla IMS has supplied reliable products to customers around the world for over 25 years. Based on its long experience and expertise, the company has developed its own technologies for production of loading computers, remote valve control systems, deck machinery, LED lighting and ballast water treatment systems (BWTS), growing continuously to become the foremost company in its field.

Hanla IMS Co., Ltd.

As a specialist with a comprehensive ballast system portfolio, the company designated "3B" as its new campaign logo. The 3B logo not only refers to Ballast water treatment systems, Ballast valve control systems and Ballast gauge systems, but also to Best quality, Best technology and Best service.


  • Shipbuilding & Marine Parts
  • Plants
  • LED

Video & Photo

Hanla IMSHanla IMS Promotion Video & Photo
Hanla IMS
Hanla IMS
Hanla IMS
Hanla IMS
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