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Korea Maritime & Ocean University

KMOU (Korea Maritime and Ocean University) Mac-Net Member

Fostering much excellent marine manpower

KMOU is the one of the maritime-specialized universities in Korea, leading the marine industry. It was first established as the Higher Merchant Ship School in 1945. it has educated many marine human resources focusing on the fields of maritime affairs, engineering, sciences and social sciences. The school founding was prompted by the patriotism and aspirations for higher education of a few pioneers who realized the need to secure maritime manpower in order to advance the country's development.

KMOU (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Since then, the school has overcome a great number of obstacles to become it is today. For the past half century, the school has successfully educated numerous maritime specialists who were the driving force behind Korea's growth in marine transportation and has helped Korea to become the world's 10th ranked country in the field. With such contributions, the school is now recognized as one of the top universities in the marine transportation field.


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