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STX Engine

STX Engine

Rising as comprehensive engine heavy electric machine maker in 2020

STX Engine started in 1976 as manufacturer specializing in diesel engines and played a central role in the development of the shipbuilding and the machine industry in Korea after being designated as a defense contractor in 1977 and both the marine engines and motor engines are seen as having a competitive edge globally. Leaping forward as a Global new leader of electronic communications on the foundation of the accumukated technical prowess in the engine filed, the company is expanding in the global market thanks to its R&D and quality innovation.

STX Engine

Through technological cooperation with outstanding oveaseas companies, the small class, mid class and large class gas turbine package business portfolio has been created to actively target the gas turbine development market and in the future, the company will launch forwared leading global development market. Currently, even amidst a rapidaly changing management environment, STX Engine follows the mental attitude of "establish basic rules and everything else will naturally fall into place" as it prepares for a new launch. The company thoroughly confirms the basics of all categories from the start, and holds customer satisfcation, stockholder satisfaction and socail responsibility as its highest priorities through faithfulness to the basic of the work it pursues with individuals and in each category.

Ship Equipment Manufacturing

  • Marine Diesel Engine
  • Military Diesel Engine
  • Electronic Communication Equipment
  • Power Plant
  • Engine Parts
  • Gas turbine
  • SCR System

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STX Engine
STX Engine
STX Engine
STX Engine
STX Engine
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