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KMI (Korea Maritime Institute) Mac-Net Member

World's leading research institute to gear maritime and fisheries policies

With a mission of contributing toward developing national policy and economy by conducting integrated and systematic research in maritime and fisheries fields, the Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) was established on February 1984. It has conducted numerous studies on various fields to prepare national policies and developing national economy through comprehensive and systematic research on maritime, fisheries, shipping and port industrial development and relevant tasks as well as through fast collection, analyses and spread of information and trends in the field

KMI (Korea Maritime Institute)

KMI has committed to research on national strategies and policies and technological capacity building. It will help Korea and the international community to create new growth drivers through maritime and fisheries development and grow into one of five maritime powers and into the backbone which links Eurasia and the Pacific Ocean. All researchers and staff at KMI will devote themselves to fulfill duties of a national policy research institute and to create universal human values, assisting underdeveloped nations as a G20 member.

Research Institute

  • Marine Policy
  • Fisheries Policy
  • Maritime Industry&Safety
  • Port Policy
  • Other strategic policy

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KMIKorea Maritime Institute Promotion Video & Photo
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