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Daechang Solution

Daechang Solution Co., Ltd.

Producing Core Products for Shipbuilding

Daechang Solution, formerly Daechang Metal Co., Ltd., is a Korea-based company engaged in the manufacture of marine diesel engine components. The company's products consist of marine engine components, including main bearing supports, main bearing girders, crank chain wheels, cylinder covers and piston crowns;

Daechang Solution Co., Ltd.

stem posts, including propeller bosses, tillers, rudder lower/upper castings, rubber horns and rubber carriers; power plant facilities, including dummy rings, diaphragms, valve bodies and turbine castings; and industrial machinery, including roll chocks, blade brackets, roll tires, stands, roller arms, kiln support rollers, rotor assemblies, roller bodies and others.

On December 14, 2012, the company acquired a 66.53% stake in U&S CO., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the manufacture of liquefied natural gas-related facilities.


  • Shipbuilding
    & Marine Plants
  • Generator Facility Parts
  • Industrial Machinery