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DongHwa Entec

DongHwa Entec Co., Ltd.

Energy, Environment, Engineering & Technology

Since its foundation in February 1980 as a manufacturer of heat exchangers for marine, petrochemical and power generation industries, DongHwa Entec has focused on research & development, product performance improvement as well as new product development while establishing the most competitive facilities and production processes.

Daechang Solution Co., Ltd.

An expert in energy systems and heat exchangers with advanced research and development capability and mature energy application ability, DongHwa Entec has secured thermal fluid-based technology and skilled manufacturing technology to supply high-efficiency, high-quality products to customers around the world. The company is a total solution provider that also addresses problems related to a clean and pleasant environment, while maintaining customer satisfaction as its top priority.


  • Ships
  • Gas Facilities
  • Plants
  • Maintenance

Video & Photo

DongHwa EntecDongHwa Entec Promotion Video & Photo
DongHwa Entec
DongHwa Entec
DongHwa Entec
DongHwa Entec
DongHwa Entec
DongHwa Entec
DongHwa Entec
DongHwa Entec
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thumb_DongHwa02video cover화전공장
thumb_DongHwa03video cover지사연구소
thumb_DongHwa04video cover송정본사
thumb_DongHwa05video coverFuel Gas Supply System
thumb_DongHwa06video coverFresh Water Generator
thumb_DongHwa07video coverESS
thumb_DongHwa08video coverDouble Effect Type Fresh Water Generator
thumb_DongHwa09video coverAirCooler