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Hyundai Glovis

Hyundai Glovis

Your Value Chain Partner

Hyundai Glovis maximizes efficiencies of the customer's value chain.
Hyundai Glovis designs logistics starategies and processes tailored to its customers' environment. By utilizing the latest information systems and advanced logistics technologies, it provides total logistics services in the domestic, international market, and shipping business as well as logistics consulting.

Hyundai Glovis

Based on its know-how from being the world-best automobile logistics provider, Hyundai Glovis is expanding its customer base into various industries including steel, machinery, heavy industries, chemical, energy, and construction. Hyundai Glovis is also playing a core role in global automobile production systems through its CKD business. The used-car auction business is contributing to the modernization of Korea's domestic used-car market. Hyundai Glovis plans to become a global total logistics provider by continuing to expand its ocean transportation business and strengthening competence in the third-part logistics.


  • Logistics
  • Shipping
  • CKD
  • Used Car
  • Trading
  • Network
  • IT System

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Hyundai Glovis
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