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KOMEA (Korea Marine Equipment Association) Mac-Net Member

Globalization, the key to success

For the globalization, Korea Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA) established a global service center, KOMEC. Since its foundation in 2009, the Korea Marine Equipment Global Service Center (KOMEC) has entered into partnership with overseas marine companies and built a network across the world. Through such a network, the marine equipment firms of Korea have sold their products and offered after-sales service. In addition, KOMEC has built and operated the e-Marketplace ( to export Korean marine equipment and spare parts.

KOMEA (Korea Marine Equipment Association)

KOMEC hopes to enter into partnership with promising companies for the sale and after-sales service of Korean marine equipment and spare parts. Also, KOMEC is an affiliate of the Korea Marine Equipment association, consisting of 176 marine equipment manufacturing companies in Korea. If you wish to buy Korean marine equipment or find reliable companies supplying marine equipment, contact KOMEC. We offer all kinds of information about Korean marine equipment and spare parts and can help you with purchasing.

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