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Samwon Corporation

Samwon Heavy Industries

We don't just build ships. We build our trust.

Republic of Korea is very much a company can make the boat better. Korea's shipbuilding industry has become an important base industry. Knowledge of the world's shipbuilding industry with the Republic of Korea Samwon Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. also makes the boat comes to technology does not fall behind anyone.

Samwon Corporation

However, for our shipbuilding technology, know-how, excellent staff with larger goal is more secure. It's going to make us believe that it will become. Customer who belongs to the trust says that it makes the boat more than that I think are important. Faith and Trust Company of Korea Republic of Korea Representative - Samwon Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. Now, led by the Republic of Korea's shipbuilding industry.

Small & Medium-sized Shipbuilder

  • Patrol Ship
  • Revenue Cutter
  • Fuel Oil Barge
  • Research Vessel

Video & Photo

Samwon CorporationSamwon Corporation Promotion Video & Photo
Samwon Corporation
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