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Samsung Heavy Industries

Samsung Heavy Industries

The Future of the World's Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries

Samsung Heavy Industries has successfully completed diverse projects With the aim of securing global leadership in various sectors including shipbuilding, offshore, machinery & electric systems. Most notably, it has achieved unbeatable leadership in the high-tech high-value shipbuilding sector by maintaining the world's No. 1 share in the drill ship, LNG carrier and FPSO markets

Samsung Heavy Industries

The company has developed and built the first Arctic Shuttle-Tanker and LNG-FPSOs in the world, and has pioneered new market developments by developing innovative products such as LNG-FSRU, and various ships for polar applications, Arctic Ice-Breaker Container Ships. In the offshore facilities sector, the company has fortified its reputation through its excellent technology and rich experience, by successfully delivering the world's largest semi-submerged offshore drilling platform.

In addition, the company has operated the electricity and electronics business by converging its shipbuilding & offshore business with digital technology. It provides ship network systems, FuGas(fuel gas supply & storage system) and PURIMAR(ballast water management system). Its technological excellence has been highly recognized in the global markets.


  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore
  • Machinery & Electric System
  • Technology Development

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Samsung Heavy Industries
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