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KCC Marine Coatings, A front-runner who is recognized a worldwide excellent performance

Having now grown into a world-leading producer of Marine Coatings, KCC is widely praised across all global markets for the excellent quality of its products. In an effort to keep the consumer trust the company has built and further explore technology innovation, KCC invests over 5% of its sales in R&D activities every year.


 With its commitment to such an effort, KCC is now able to lead its competitors in the development and supply of high-quality products and provide flawless on-site supervision. Since its establishment, the company has successfully completed numerous projects, including over 3,100 new buildings and over 4,600 ships.

- Seacare A/F795 Series, tin-free SPC anti-fouling coatings with KCC's own technology by KCC CRI(Central Research Institute), and the EgisPacific Series/EgisArrow, Silyl types designed for fuel saving.
- Korepox EH2350 Series, an epoxy coating with excellent anti-abrasive, anti-crack, and anti-corrosive properties, workable at low temperature even -18℃/-0.4F.
- Korexane ST1020, acrylic polysiloxane coating with excellent weather-resistant properties. 

Ship Supplier

  • Anti-corrosive coatings
  • Anti-fouling coatings
  • Cargo tank coatings
  • Topcoat coatings
  • Industiral Paints
  • Building Materials
  • Special Materials
  • Silicone

Video & Photo

KCCKCC Promotion Video & Photo
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