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Hanjin Heavy Indsustries & Construction

Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction

Pushing forward to be a Global Leader

With an eye on both traditional and the future, Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction places top priority on customer satisfaction through advanced technology, quality and thorough service. The vision for and resolute confidence of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction for the future is the power to create the affluence that everyone dreams about and to make the world a more beautiful place.

Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction

Through a pioneering spirit, Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction has become a complete, globally competitive construction company offering shipbuilding, construction and plant services. Since its establishment as the first shipbuilder in Korea in 1937, Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction has taken pride in building approximately 1,000 ships of various kinds. Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction is a representative legend-making shipbuilder, including being first in Korea, first in Asia , and first in the world.With the first steel-framed architecture in Korea in 1968, we successfully completed a variety of construction projects both in Korea and abroad, as a global construction industry leader recognized for its distinguished abilities in the areas of housing, construction, civil engineering and factories.

Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction has never rested on its laurels. With creativity and an enthusiasm that looks forward not back, we will take our next step to be an industry-leader of global heavy industries, on the basis of the Subic Shipyard, a global shipbuilding base and the future of us. Our unflagging enthusiasm and continuing innovation will accelerate the advance of the company to the broader world.


  • Container Carrier
  • Gas Carrier
  • Tanker
  • Bulk Carrier
  • Bridge Construction
  • Dreding & Harbor
  • Road, Tunnel,
  • Power plant

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