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Classification Society

Classification Society
Beyond Compliance - ordinary companies
comply only, but leading
companies take a further step toward
a Comprehensive Technical Advisor - KR.

7th place in IACS (volume of classed fleet)

The?6th place in IACS classed fleet

Total Loss Rate (5-year average total loss rate of KR-classed ships)

Total Loss Rate (5-year average total loss rate of KR-classed ships)
  •  World Total Loss Rate
  •  Total Loss Rate of KR-classed Vessels

* Source : IHS Fairplay 2014

Zero PSC Detention for 10 Consecutive Years in USCG

Region 2011 2012 2013 2014
USCG 0 0 0 0
Tokyo MOU 0 1 0 2
Paris MOU 0 0 1 0
Zero PSC Detention

Ranks 1st in Evaluation by Major Shipyards

  • Assistance for Design Engineering
  • Cooperation for Production
  • Ability of Field Surveyor

Why KR?

  • 01.
    Customized Comprehensive Technical Advise with High Caliber
  • 02.
    Dedicated skilled Surveyors Equipped in Interface with Shipyards, Equipment Manufacturers & Shipowners
  • 03.
    ICT-based Technical Support to Maximize System Integrity & Customer satisfaction
  • 04.
    Stronger Cost-Competitiveness with Total Service than any Class

Leading Companies

Korean Register of Shipping

1. Surveys & Certification
- Classification Survey
- Statutory Survey
- Port State Control
- System & Product Certification
2. IT Solutions
- SeaTrust Series (rule scantling checks according to KR Rules and CSR, structural safety checks by direct methods)
- KR-CON (Comprehensive Electronic Database ofIMO Instruments)
- Smart-Fleet (the advanced online survey management program designed to facilitate efficient periodic survey planning)
3. Environmental Performance
- Green Notation
- SeaTrust-ECOSS (KR software application designed to meet SEEMP requirements)
- Ballast Water Management Service
- Ship Recycling Management Service
Korean Register